Frequently Asked GerbLook Questions

What is a GerbLook?
GerbLook is a free PCB CAD file viewer which renders an image of your circuit board.
Do you store uploaded gerber files?
Once the render of your PCB is complete, the Gerber Files are deleted. Renders are saved, and are accessible for future viewing and sharing by copying their uniquely generated URL.
How are the images created?
With Gerbv and ImageMagick.
Why are the images a little bit jaggy?
Anti-Aliasing is off which leads to images that are slightly less clear, but far more accurate.
What gerber File types/names are accepted?
The following rules are used to match layers:
  1. Board Outline (required)
    • *.out *.oln *.gm1 *.gbr *.gml *.gko *.gm16 *board.gbr
  2. Top Copper (required)
    • *.gtl (*.cmp, *.top, *toplayer*.ger, *top copper.*)
  3. Bottom Copper (required)
    • *.gbl (*.sol, *.bot, *bottomlayer*.ger, *bottom copper.*)
  4. Top Soldermask (required)
    • *.gts (*.stc, *.smt, *topsoldermask*.ger, *top unmask.*, *top mask.*)
  5. Bottom Soldermask (required)
    • *.gbs (*.sts, *.smb, *bottomsoldermask*.ger, *bottom unmask.*, *bottom mask.*)
  6. Top Silkscreen
    • *.gto (*.sst, *topsilkscreen*.ger, *top silk.*)
  7. Bottom Silkscreen
    • *.gbo (*.ssb, *bottomsilkscreen*.ger, *bottom silk.*)
  8. Plated Drills
    • *.dri *.drl *.drd *.txt
  9. Non-Plated Drills (As for plated drills but with NPTH in the filename)
  10. Inner Copper 1
    • *.g1 *.gl1
  11. Inner Copper 2
    • *.g2 *.gl2
  12. Inner Copper 3
    • *.g3 *.gl3
  13. Inner Copper 4
    • *.g4 *.gl4
  14. Inner Copper 5
    • *.g5 *.gl5
  15. Inner Copper 6
    • *.g6 *.gl6
  16. Inner Copper 7
    • *.g7 *.gl7